Out to Save the World?

Well…at least our parts of it anyways…

As a teenager and college student I remember being bombarded with person after person and one organization after another trying to save the world. Trying to make as large of an impact as they possible could.

Provide clean water *everywhere*  |  Give shoes to *everyone*  |  Make sure *everyone* *everywhere* has all the food they need  |  Clean these places | Do this | Give money here | Stop using this | Start using this| SAVE THE WHOLE WORLD ALL AT ONCE

Its exhausting and overwhelming.

We (one person) can’t save the whole world all at once.

In my day to day life I have very little impact on the people in the villages in Thailand that I have visited. I have very little impact on the various cities and towns in the U.S. where I have lived before. Honestly, I have very little impact on my hometown, 25 minutes from where I currently live.

I do have impact on the town I live in at the moment.
I can impact the places I go, and the people I encounter, and the things that I purchase.

So that’s where I’ll start helping to save the world. Here. Now.