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Cooking scares me. 
Like, terrifies, scares.
It is simply a skill I never picked up. I’ve always wanted to and dreamed about doing it well. As young kids my sister and I would “host” cooking shows. As an adult I’ve made attempts now and then, but they never come out right and they are always just shy of enjoyable. 

I even cried over making a simple meal a few months ago, because it didn’t come out the way it was inside my head. 
Maybe that’s part of my problem, I’m so visual and creative that usually I can make the end result come out the way it is in my head, but in cooking I simply can’t. 

Nevertheless, I desire to get to that point where I can easily see ingredients to put together, or skim a new recipe and not find it daunting. 

Like I said, as kids, we’d play together in the kitchen; as a result my little sister can make cardboard taste like a five star meal. She’s phenomenal at looking through a smattering of random ingredients and turning them into a final, cohesive, product. 
But me, I learned to bake like a champ. I crave the more exact measurements to ensure that it does what its supposed to. The colors and the art to creating a dessert, or bread, or cookies, or cake, or…. (I also much prefer to eat sugar than anything else). 

I love looking at and reading recipes, and cookbooks are treasure troves. My favorite cookbook as a kid had these full color pages of photos of food. I’m drawn to an attractive cookbook, but I generally skip over the things that I “can’t” make. 

So, in this little (which is turning out to be not so little already…) endeavor, I will cook something and bake something every week for the foreseeable future. 

Is there something in the kitchen you struggle with? Cooking? Baking? Cooking and Baking? Cooking or Baking something specific? Recipes? Making from scratch? Eating healthy? Eating too healthy? Meal Planning? Making & taking lunches? Too many leftovers? not a big enough kitchen?
Talk to me. Let me know what your struggles are. I am not a void. I am not a robot writing. I am a human, just like you.


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