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I have been “addicted” to Pinterest, since it came out in 2010. One of my favorite things to pin has been food. Food that I want to make, food that looks good, food that comes from Food Bloggers that have lots of great options. 
Those Food Bloggers have always impressed me with their fancy recipes and their styled photos and their all around goodness. 

But until I started working on it for myself, I didn’t fully realize that blogging is hard. And time consuming
Writing posts, coordinating with other people to write posts, template and layouts, scheduling, editing, re-editing, writing social media posts, scheduling social media posts, promoting social media posts and the blog posts, pinning, following up……………….

Cooking is also hard. And time consuming. 

Have you tried doing either of these regularly? Are you an adult too? 

Well, anyways, after the previous weeks fiasco of extreme late night eating, I decided to bring in some help for this week’s meal prep. 

The wonderful Adam cooked the chicken, while I took the time to prep all the rest of the ingredients for the quite delicious Creamy Dijon Chicken by Simply DeliciousThe Creamy Dijon Chicken was truly both simple and delicious. 

However, I had never cooked with Leeks, or even eaten them (that I can recall). Once I set the leeks out on the counter, I quickly googled to see what I could find on cleaning and prepping leeks, and Epicurious has a great photo tutorial on how to clean them well. It was really easy once I knew the facts: that leeks grow under ground and are really dirty, and you don’t eat the dark green leafy parts but rather the stalk-y bit. 

I found out I really like the taste of leeks, so they will definitely be added to the foods that I enjoy eating.

I also used the rest of the blueberries I had from attempting to eat all the fresh blueberries from the little garden market near the house, to make a Blueberry Lime Cream Cheese Pound Cake by The Novice Chef

My breakfast for the next few days was served beautifully and deliciously.


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