Getting Started:
An Adventure in Recycling

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Recycling is becoming easier and easier. With new technology, it is so easy to reuse things we didn’t know we could before! If you are new to the recycling process, here are some simple steps you can take that can get your foot in the door to start the adventure!

First: Check and see if your town, city, or municipality offers recycling pick up! In my little Indiana town, if you live in city limits, they provide a big wheelie bin that you can put all recyclables in! Then once every two weeks, they drive around and pick it up!

  • If your town doesn’t offer this service, see if they have a recycling center! You can take them yourself. As a little kid, I loved throwing the soda cans, and glass bottles in the various containers at the recycling plant. You could make it a fun activity!

Second: Grab some little plastic bins, or wooden crates would work REALLY well and put them in the garage (in my house I have one in the very small mudroom!…) Once you have the crates or bins, you could get creative if you want and make little signs or you could just remember what you want to put in each bin! One for plastics, one for soda cans and soup cans, one for glass, one for cardboard! Or, if you live in a town like I do, one bin will hold it all!


Third: Then once your bins are full, pack up the kiddos, load the bins in the trunk and go to the recycling center! Or, toss all the detritus from the bins in your big town issued one and wheel it down to the curb!

*Helpful Hint*: If you look on the bottom of the container and see a triangle with a 1 or a 2 inside, they can DEFINITELY be recycled. If you see a triangle with numbers 3, 6, or 7 those have to be thrown away. The chemical composition does not allow for recycling. If you see a triangle with a 4 or a 5, check to see if your local recycling plant accepts those plastics! Some plants recycle those and some don’t.

Don’t Forget!! You can recycle nearly ALL of the plastic containers that cleaning products, soap, shampoo, and beauty products come in. Even mascara! Those are easy to forget about!

Hopefully these basic steps can help show how easy it is to start doing even the simplest things to help our environment!

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