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Have you ever set out to try something and have it totally fail? Or just run out of mojo part-way through? Hit a stumbling block and not know how to solve the issue so you just walk away? Do you also leave a mess wherever you were working? The kitchen, the living room, the office, the bathroom, the driveway, the garage, the……have I mentioned I’m a slob?

I am all about learning and trying to do different projects, and that’s a great quality. However, I’m also easily swayed away from whatever it is that I’m trying. I get discouraged easily, I get annoyed, and then I give up. Or rather, as everyone in my life knows, “I quit” roughly a thousand times a day.

And sometimes my attempts, *really* don’t work out.  But sometimes I just need a break and need to wait for “inspiration to strike.”


Introducing one of my latest “failed” attempts: A Black Forest Crepe Cake.

…..yeah, that’s supposed to be a Crepe. Cake.


Adam and I had family visiting, so I put myself in charge of dessert for our meal. I had never made crepes before, let alone tried to assemble a crepe cake. In addition to always seeming to struggle with reducing any type of fruit/wine/liquid infusion into any type of jelly/jam/reduction. But I attempted it with gusto.



I ended up having to make 2 batches of crepes because the first batch did not turn out totally correct. My cherry filling was really liquid-y so it made the cake very sloppy.



Cookie sheet underneath my pretty cake stand to catch all the drippings, and then we simply attacked it with forks. Because while it did not look pretty as a cake, my, oh my, was it delicious!


So, sometimes our ideas don’t turn out the way we intend them (insert brain picture of a beautifully perfect layered crepe cake here). I am constantly depleted by the barrage of flopped ideas and failed attempts (and as an entrepreneur in addition to being human, there are so very many of those). 


And yet, they’re not always half bad – I mean, this dessert was absolutely scrumptious. For as many times a day, (xxx) as I say “I quit” or “I give up” or “This is too hard” or “I don’t know how to do this,” I take a breath and I keep going for just one more time. 


The dinner I cooked that week was pretty simple and tasty. No major complications. Just some tomatoes and broccoli from the local farm market down the road. Some Italian sausage and pasta. Quite easy.

crepe cake

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