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One of my sister’s and my favorite meals growing up was our mom’s famous, cheesy pizza bread. When I finally got my own kitchen, she gave me the recipe and I began to make it for myself!

It really is such an easy meal, and you can make it to your personal pizza topping preferences!

MH&C | Pizza Bread

The first thing you do buy frozen loaves of white bread. I find them in the frozen section in Wal-mart or Kroger. Once you let it thaw and rise to about the size of a football, and you’ve sprayed the cookie sheet with Pam, you grab a rolling-pin and flatten’er out.

MH&C | Pizza Bread

Then you crack an egg into a bowl and whisk it up. You paint it on to the dough using a pastry brush.

MH&C | Pizza Bread

After it’s all coated in egg, I just use the Great Value pizza sauce, dump it out and spread it around with a fork! YUM.

MH&C | Pizza Bread

Once you are satisfied with your with your sauce coverage, it is time for the CHEESE! I always just use the store brand, in this case Kroger’s Pizza Blend! Now, I just wanted plain old cheese pizza bread this time, but you can add whatever your beautiful, pizza-lovin’ heart desires. Although, I still don’t understand the pineapple thing……

MH&C | Pizza Bread

Now it is time to construct the bread roll! You begin to roll the dough and as you roll, you brush the egg on the underside of the dough!

MH&C | Pizza Bread

Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’…..

MH&C | Pizza Bread

Taadaa!!! Isn’t it cute! Kind of looks like a cheese pizza slug! What I do for the edges changes every time. This time, I twisted them and then stabbed them with the fork! Someday I may braid them, or envelope them, or return to simply tucking them…

You always brush all over the outside of the freshly rolled pizza read with the egg, and then I love to sprinkle some garlic salt on top and some Parmesan cheese as well!! I never go overboard, but it is a lot like flavored crust : )

You pop it in the oven at 350ยบ for about 30 minutes to start. Depending on your oven, sometimes it may take closer to 40 minutes. It smells incredible as it bakes!

MH&C | Pizza Bread

Occasionally when we make this, some (but never enough to be a problem) of the cheese inevitably pours out. But I just made one last weekend where I positioned the seam of the bread on top and none of the cheese snuck out… but still. Doesn’t it look amazing? You just slice it up with a bread knife and serve! Delicious!

Happy eating!


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