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I just can’t get enough of crafts. They aren’t expensive, they give you something to do, and they can really bring something special to your home!

I found all of these amazing ideas for paper flowers or paper roses on Pinterest and my brain started turning with lots of different ideas. It took awhile, and lots of pinning, before I found the tutorial I liked the most: Krista’s Blog Post

However, once I made the flowers, I wanted to do something different with them… I didn’t want to stick them to branches or leave them loose- I wanted to make shadow boxes!

First what I did was print off old sheet music on paper that wasn’t pure white. I wanted the flowers to have an antique-y, vintage-y look and paper with a tan and gray hue worked really well! Once I had enough sheet music, I began to glue the sheets together to vary the size of the flowers. I’d use one sheet for smaller flowers and two glued together for medium flowers and even four for a giant flower!

MH&C | Paper Roses

Just like kristasewinspired’s blog says, you just cut a spiral into the paper. Then once the spiral is complete, you start at the center of the spiral and begin to roll the flower up! You’ll need a little glue to keep the flower petals stuck where you want them, but after some trial and error, it was such an easy process.

The glue that made all the different for me was Gorilla Brush or Nozzle Super Glue. The brush part was AWESOME for this project!

I could see these being adorable party decorations – I plan on using them as table decor for our wedding!

MH&C | Paper Roses

As you can see, some of the flowers turned out better than others, but overall I was very happy!

To make the shadow boxes, I bought very cheap black frames in different sizes and cut out some 2×4 scrap wood to perfectly outline the frames. I painted the wood black to blend in with the frames. That way, they became more like boxes! Once I did that, though, I had to figure out how to attach the paper roses in an interesting way…

Then.. it hit me. Make the shadow boxes see-through! I bought some plexiglass and had it cut to size by my trusty guys at Lowe’s. It was less than $10.00 for the sheet and the cuts.

I arranged the flowers on the plexiglass and then as soon as I liked the placement, I used a little hot glue and attached them!

As soon as I could be sure the flowers were secure, I set the extended box frames over top and secured the plexiglass to them with some more hot glue! I think they turned out pretty well!

I hung them in a PERFECT spot on my wall. However, during the Air Conditioning Crisis of 2018, the hot glue got a little… melty and the frames all separated. So, I’ve had to take them down very recently to make some repairs. BUT, the flowers are still beautiful!

MH&C | Paper Roses

When Mr. LB and I get married, I’ll share an updated post on how I’ve made nearly all of the wedding decor bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and table decor with these flowers included!!

How would you use these simple flowers?

MH&C | Paper Roses


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