Emily Lyn

A visionary.

Undoubtedly creative.


Inspiration radiates out of me.

not just a crafter, or painter. not just a dancer, musician, performer.

All-encompassing artist

It’s not that I think being focused in one area is bad, I simply like to exceed. Some would call this ambition.

I am resourceful. The name “Emily” means industrious, and I live up to that meaning. I go above and beyond on every task I do.

expressive groundwork

Puzzles are my jam. That one truly strange looking piece floating around yet fits absolutely perfectly somewhere in that puzzle; I am that piece.

The free spirit carrying around some type of artistic material *all* *the* *time*
Creating allure out of random materials and shifting into and out of every possible inventive method.



I’m also the whole puzzle, comprised of pieces including growing up on a dairy farm, ballet lessons, flute playing, bassoon playing, detailed knowledge of how music works, psychology of children, entrepreneurship, arts administration, hyper organization, acute untidiness…and about 990 other pieces.

Working with every medium from a to z, on the grounds that it is always interesting and changing.
I adore discussing one’s ideas or desires and turning them into reality.

I help

create the balance and beauty you’ve been longing for.

find or create that missing piece for just the right space.

transform your dreams and wishes into reality.


Everyone’s home should be a place where they are comfortable. Not too cluttered yet filled with objects containing significance. Able to be cleaned, but also to be lived in and taken advantage of. Balance is important especially in the place you spend most of your time.

All while using objects created with human hands, minds, and hearts. Taking care to select or create products that are earth friendly and tailored to you.


Let's Paint the World

Okay, well, maybe just my house's walls, but it's a start!


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