Mills Hart & Company provides reputable event management services, skillful hand-worked, refinished, and restored furniture, home goods, and supplementary accessories to individuals and businesses. Furniture and handmade accessories are all thoughtfully sourced and when needed, refinished with responsible materials. By using many responsibly sourced materials, products by MH&Co are created with a goal of reducing waste. Mills Hart & Company products are designed to bring inspiration to homes and lives.

Mills Hart & Company has an ultimate goal of creating places that are welcoming and kind to people making MH&Co establishments places that people will want to return. Mills Hart & Company has set out to aid in the reduction of waste through recycling furniture. Beat up old pieces that from first glance look ugly and useless can be given a brand new life with a little bit of work and “a whole lotta love.” Turning discarded furniture and home decor into refreshed and new objects that are appealing and inspiring is one element for Mills Hart & Company.

KT_MWF_20160713_4989Emily Roper, Owner, has a heart for inspiring others and creating beauty all around. In starting Mills Hart & Company, Emily desires to share that beauty and inspiration with everyone who comes into contact with her and her shop. Through the years, Emily has served as a stage manager, sales associate, administrator, and helper to all who need it. Her time in these varied occupations has given her the experience needed to not only see and envision beauty in the everyday, but also the skills to bring the envisioned to life. Emily’s hope is that as you browse Mills Hart & Company, you will catch her vision for inspiration and fill your life with beauty.

Erica.Kids.HeadshotErica Roper, Manager, has a heart for her community and promoting its welfare through various means. She is excited to work at Mills Hart & Company and be a part of the various projects happening there. Erica has worked as an office assistant, waitress, and aquatics director in the area for the last decade. Her favorite job has been being a mom to her two children. Through these varied experiences, Erica has mastered serving those she comes in contact with as well as organizing her surroundings. Erica hopes that as you shop, you are inspired to create beauty in your own space.

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