Mills Hart & Company provides reputable event management services, skillful hand-worked, refinished, and restored furniture, home goods, and supplementary accessories to individuals and businesses. Furniture and handmade accessories are all thoughtfully sourced and when needed, refinished with responsible materials. By using many responsibly sourced materials, products by MH&Co are created with a goal of reducing waste. Mills Hart & Company products are designed to bring inspiration to homes and lives.

Mills Hart & Company has an ultimate goal of creating places that are welcoming and kind to people making MH&Co establishments places that people will want to return. Mills Hart & Company has set out to aid in the reduction of waste through recycling furniture. Beat up old pieces that from first glance look ugly and useless can be given a brand new life with a little bit of work and “a whole lotta love.” Turning discarded furniture and home decor into refreshed and new objects that are appealing and inspiring is one element for Mills Hart & Company.