We all need some inspiration* in life.  Sources come from everywhere around us, things, sayings, people…

*to be encouraged to greater effort, enthusiasm, or creativity

These are the people who have inspired Mills Hart & Company

Erin Mills
Erin Mills

 Erin Mills is the embodiment of light in life. Her bright spirit and warm demeanor are shared with each and every person she’s around. As a high school English teacher, ‘Mills’ has a fierce protective streak and passion for making sure anyone knows they’re loved.


Doreen Hartman Roper, mother of three and ‘Nana’ to two, ‘Aunt Reen’ to many more, Doreen’s nurturing spirit provides a foundation for those in her life to grow and spread their wings. A successful partner in owning and running a dairy farm for over 25 years, Doreen’s intelligence and hard-work are evident in all she does.

PicMonkey Collage.Dad

Alan Roper, (1955-2013) was a joyful soul and brought laughter to every bit of life.  Constantly joking and always talking, Alan’s passion in life was people.


Robert Hartman, (1930-2014)  was a foundation to life, hard-working, and always making time for his family.