Art for your memories

In other words, How Art benefits you

Photography Promenade – $497

Not your friend’s mother’s photo-shoot.

Here’s how this works, you and I will do a brief chat about things you like to do, things you like to see with your eyeballs, and things you want to experience in life. 

Then we’ll plan with each in mind to create moments in time to savor. 
Let’s go on an adventure together.

Pet Photography – $297

The critters that fill our life are some of the most important aspects. Some of our lives revolve around them. 

I grew up on a dairy farm so I think animals are generally fantastic and would absolutely love to meet your furry family members, even if there are a hundred of them.

What do you collect? 

Fair question, you pay money what do you receive in return?


* Access to all the photos
      (that way if something speaks to you, you’ll be able to lay eyeballs on it)
*Digital file sizes
     (Properly sized files for social media, phone screens, computer backgrounds so your photos look their best)
*Free prints
     (I’ll print quality photos for you up to 8×10 size)
*Large format printing assistance
     (I’ll stick with you through the end and make sure you get the designs you want)