Art for your life

In other words, How Art benefits you

Do your walls look worn and dreary? 

Perhaps like a faded baby-yellow your kids have nicknamed “puke yellow”? 
Maybe, wood wall paneling you’ve never bothered to brighten?
White that now looks grey because of dirty fingerprints, paws, or crayons?

I have lived with all of those, makes life gloomy and colorless.

You deserve to have to drinks while the painting gets done. Messy hands, weekends taken, and hours picking paint colors are all in the past.

The walls of your house should be a dynamic perspective.
Your house should reflect your style, your desires, your spirit. 

Painting Refresh

Here's what i can do for you


marvelous vistas
$ 1397
  • a painting you adore on your wall

Accent Walls

attract the eye
$ 997
  • make a momentous impression


details are made for you
$ 597
  • grant your home character

Beyond the Walls