The Revitalization Project was started to encourage the up cycling of furniture and to keep our landfills a little cleaner.

With the mass variety of new furniture and home goods stores, combined with the endless stream of HGTV and DIY networks home renovations, the push for out with the old and in with the new grows ever stronger. According to the EPA’s Advancing Sustainable Materials Management Facts and Figures 2014, 11.8 millions of tons of furniture and furnishings waste were generated. Furniture and furnishings waste made up 4.6% of the total Municipal Waste Stream. In 2014 only 10 thousand tons of furniture and furnishings were recycled and composted in the Municipal Waste Stream, ranking in as the least-recycled product.


To utilize this program, simply bring your unwanted furniture to Mills Hart & Company and receive store credit towards your next purchase. OR you can choose instead to have a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the piece donated to a local non-profit (for example, Habitat for Humanity).

Furniture MUST be cleaned prior to drop off.

Use the contact form below to set up a drop off date and time.

Happy Revitalizing!