absolute artistry

beauty crafted by human hands, heads, and hearts with you in mind

Hi! I’m Emily Lyn.

I’m a painter and photographer, offering creative services, working with a multitude of mediums; as big as homes to as small as string.

I am compelled to create using endless materials, shifting into and out of every possible inventive method.

Helping humans gain products and providing services perfectly suited to living spaces, designed for the individual through ecological means.

I also go by ‘Emmie‘ and ‘Aunt Emmie’. Have been renamed to ‘Princess Anastasia’ by my boyfriend’s family. I will cuddle all the pet dogs, and obsess over anything elephant themed.

I would be honored to conspire with you and create a bit of art.

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Art for your life

Your life deserves to be beautiful.
Vibrant lives are supported by vibrant surroundings. 
The places you spend your time should be up-to-date, fit your style, feel warm, relaxing, and comfortable. 

We’ll endeavor side-by-side, human and artist, to determine and execute an engagingly superb space. 

Art for your memories

Time is a passing reality, and as such should be treasured. Thoughtfulness in the present, begets humble gratitude in nostalgia of the future. 

As a creative photographer, I’ve spent my life learning and observing art. Collecting moments and memories of my own that allow me to serve you best. 

I vow to create and capture some incredibly special moments and memories of your own.


Art for your dreams

If you can dream it, we can do it. 

Ideas are bread and budgets are butter. 

Anything your amazing brain can come up with, I can help. Not only creative, I’m inventive and meticulous. Makes me a great “behind-the-scenes” person to have on your side. 

Let’s spend a little time talking about what creative services I can fulfill.

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